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Name:Kendrick Tobar Thornhill
Birthdate:Jul 15
Location:United States of America
Kendrick was just your normal pagan middle class American teenager. The son of a police officer and florist in a relatively large city, he grew up the oldest of three children, the responsible one by default. He was promoted to parent in a sense, and actually did very well at that, being of a calm and serious nature by default. Exceptionally close to his sister, Hazel, it was in a moment of instinct and blind action that he saved her life, yanking her away from the sidewalk just before a speeding car slammed up onto it right where she had been. At the speed it was going, he couldn't have been able to hear it or see it coming, but he did, in a way he could never explain. What's more, he wasn't close enough to physically touch her, so how did she move? His family wrote it off as adrenaline and shock, thanked their gods for it and was willing to put it behind them.

When he focused, he could see a glimmer everywhere, confided to golds and blues, as if his vision suddenly included a spectrum of harm, of risk, danger; a world with a thousand possible cars and how likely they were to be incoming at any moment. When it was absolutely safe, there would be vague purples to people's outlines, and when danger was seconds away the gold would go yellow and then neon, almost white, a halo around someone or some area or some thing, allowing him to keep them out of harm's way. But further more, he found himself able to move things with his mind. He never managed to grab someone and yank them back at lightning speed again; that was a fluke brought on by desperation to save his sister. What he could do was shove someone, move something, yank things from a distance, and hold things with his mind, so long as he had some time to focus.

Unfortunately, with his blue and gold vision only giving thirty second warning times at most, the result is a lot of clumsy deployment of powers resulting in minor injuries and things being broken. And lately, his powers have become impossible to shut off, leaving him experiencing acquired deuteranopia color blindness from how his powers see the world. All this has greatly screwed with his hopes of becoming a pilot, as colorblindness and any indicator of poor mental health - which is what this situation would look like to an outsider - are both permanent blocks from being a commercial pilot in the United States.

If he hadn't been super serious before, he would be now.
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